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Directly across from Rudder Tower is the University Center Garage for parking during your event. A special event parking rate may be available on the evening of a performance. Carefully follow all posted parking information. For further questions regarding parking, please call transportation services at  (979)862-7275 or visit their website
Parking is included in the ticket price for most MSC OPAS and Brazos Valley Symphony Orchestra (BVSO) events in the University Center Garage only. You may be required to take a ticket upon entry to the garage but when the OPAS or BVSO event is over, all patrons who have attended those events will be able to exit.  

An alternative parking location for events is the new Cain Parking Garage .  Cain Garage is only an 8 minute walk from Rudder Theatre Complex and is an excelent alternative to avoid traffic congestion.  Please note that MSC OPAS and BVSO tickets do not include parking in the Cain Garage.  Patrons using Cain Garage will have to pay before they exit at the gates or payment station located on the first floor. 

There is free 15-minute parking in the drive next to Rudder Tower on Joe Routt Blvd while flashers are on which you can use when coming to the Box Office to purchase tickets or dropping someone off.  

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