BVSO Presents

Polish Songs


With a rich history of traditional folk music dating back to the 13th century combined with hundreds of years of influence by other European artistic traditions, the music of Poland is a unique tapestry of musical styles. 

Composer/Pianist Rob Clearfield taps into Poland’s wellspring of music history with unique arrangements of Polish songs.
Also in the program, works by Chopin and Lutosławski.

Rob Clearfield - Piano
Bethany Clearfield - Soprano
Grazyna Auguscik - Vocalist

Chopin  Les Sylphides
Lutosławski  Chantefleurs et Chantefables
Selected Arrangements by Rob Clearfield
Venue Location
  • Rudder Theatre
  • 401 Joe Routt Blvd
  • College Station US-TX
  • US